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Below you can see the layout of the conference area, which consists of a large open area (Convention Center Exhibit Hall East) and presentation areas in the Jewett Ballroom.

The Convention Center Exhibit Hall East will contain a dining/registration area and an exhibitor area.

The Blue Arrow shows the foot traffic flow by which attendees will enter the conference area. All attendees must pass through the dining area and by the exhibitor area in order to enter the conference presentations.

[Picture of Exhibit Area Layout at Oakland Marriott Exhibit Hall East]

[Layout of Sponsor Exhibit Areas]


To the left, you can see a close-up of the Exhibitor Area with the sponsor spaces assigned. As a GOLD SPONSOR, you are entitled to the indicated space including a 6' skirted table onto which you can place a table-top display.

Packages shipped to the hotel can arrive no earlier than March 6. The shipping address is as follows:

Oakland Marriott City Center
1001 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94607

The shipping labels must include:

CENIC 08 Annual Conference
March 10-12, 2008
Group Name: Qwest
N of M boxes (for example 1 of 3 boxes)
c/o Mr. Tom Morgan

You may download and use the SHIPPING LABEL provided.

Setup time is 12PM - 5PM SUNDAY MARCH 9, 2008. The Sunday Welcome Reception will begin at 5:30PM in Exhibit Hall East, so punctuality is encouraged.


As a GOLD SPONSOR, you are entitled to two complimentary registrations. Please contact Sherilyn Evans at sevans@cenic.org or call at (714) 220-3438 to provide us with the names of the members of your organization that you would like to represent you.

On March 3, 2008, you will receive a complimentary list of attendees to CENIC 08 which will include First and Last Name, Title, Institution, and E-Mail Address.